There is more to cruising than going from A to B. RSR Nemo is your partner in Accounting, Building, Consulting, ... and everything that follows. It is years of experience and the big number of vessels we take care of that made us experts in the cruising business. A single service or all-around management? Together we can define how we can help you!

ServicesAccounting & finance

Accounting & Finance play a huge role in providing accurate data and to assist owners in taking the right Investment decisions. RSR Nemo provides high quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in Administrative and Accounting Services. Through the preparation of monthly Financial Statements, we ensure detailed information about the running costs of the vessels and any other financial details requested. 


RSR Nemo offers a broad range of consulting Services, designed to assist you as a client in taking the most effective decisions. Our experienced team can assist to achieve the best possible Planning & Development in the fields of Financial, Technical and Project Management, including New-Building and Ship upgrades.

ServicesRisk management

Health & Safety of Staff, environment and vessels, is always defined as the company’s highest priority. RSR Nemo maintains a clear focus on reinforcing attitudes in awareness in relation to risk. Thus by focusing on safety awareness during training, it is our goal to face such unwanted incidents as fast and effective as possible.

ServicesTechnical management

Technical Management in the shipping Industry is considered to be one of the most challenging areas for the mid-term future. RSR Nemo provides full technical support, ensuring the highest quality procedures. Through regular Inspections and reports, we provide a complete overview of all ongoing activities

ServicesIT services

Expertise in IT/support is essential for smooth and safe operation of the vessels. RSR Nemo maintains customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing innovative and simple technology solutions.

ServicesQuality & safety management

With the rise of regulations, requirements and competitive pressure, there is an increased interest in the role of dedicated Quality and Safety (QS). RSR Nemo ensures to achieve this target by monitoring its Operations under the close relationship with organizations and Classifications Societies

ServicesNew building & Upgrades

RSR Nemo provides Full management services for new Ship Buildings and Upgrades. In cooperation with many European Shipyards we are able to provide cost-effective solutions to any of these projects, from initial planning to Final Fitting-Out

JobsPort services

RSR Nemo provides a wide range of Services relevant to the Vessels´ requirements at various ports. In close cooperation with the world’s largest Shipping Agencies, we can respond to customer’s needs for qualitative shipping, logistics, and marine services.