Crewing, Ship Management & Catering



Crewing is a key ship management service and filed of competency of any ship manager globally. At RSR Nemo a lot of focus is given to recruit properly qualified and certified crew while at the same time great emphasis is given to training, development, welfare package and teamwork. RSR Nemo can also offer cost effective packages to Owners and Operators for Payroll, medical examinations, crew P &I insurance and Claims Handling

Insurance Handling

RSR Nemo aims to offer the best possible Insurance package and at the same time to achieve Cost effectiveness for Owners without any coverage sacrifices.

Security Services

RSR Nemo delivers the highest standards in all areas of Maritime Security with the aim to provide a cost effective and totally reliable service to all clients. Our teams have all received the highest level of relevant training, from which they have gained the knowledge, skills and qualifications to provide the best possible degree of maritime security for our clients’ vessels

Catering Services

Meeting the high expectations of passengers together with Cost effective management is what distinguishes nowadays successful passenger cruise ships. RSR Nemo ensures that with the recruitment of properly qualified and certified crew it can provide an amazing and extraordinary service, exceptional quality and incredible choices