Who does not love pastry? Right! You could be the one delighting the guests of a cruise ship such as the Scylla cruise fleet, with your sweet creations. Do you have the talent to put finger licking pastry on the table? Are you creative, yet structured? Fast, yet precise? Why not consider working while enjoying the most beautiful sceneries in Europe. Float from city to city while being at work. As a member of our crew, you’ll be continuously on the move while enjoying our luxurious ships. Everything you need (food, drinks, sleeping accommodation) is arranged for you. As part of a dynamic team, you’ll discover beautiful destinations, while gaining professional experience. In the main galley as the pastry chef you will be in charge of preparing all desserts and pastries for the guests off aboard the vessel, and in addition, support the Chef de Partie and the Commis de Cuisine as per instructions from the Head Chef.