RSR NEMO in a nutshell

Scylla offers a wide range of services including crewing & recruitment for cruise ships. It is our goal to offer the highest quality, at the lowest cost. The high standards we put forward are reflected through our crew. Every single Scylla crew member is a qualified and reliable specialist when it comes to river and sea-going cruise vessels. 

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Are you ready for a new adventure? RSR Nemo is looking for you. We are constantly on the lookout for people with a talent for nautical operations or serving the guests on board or a passion to delight our guests with the finest food and drinks or services that make them forget life at home.  

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RSR Nemo is your dedicated partner for crewing, ship management, catering, and additional services. As the preferred partner for river and sea cruising companies, we can tailor our services to your needs.  

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Want to get a quick overview of the jobs we are offering, what we expect from our crew and what you get in return? Download our brochure to get started. Or send CV right away to